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July 31, 2010


After noticing that many of our children were not having adequate food – some were bringing a tiffin (snack) to school each day while others weren't – we decided to start up a programme to provide a substantial tiffin to all the children so that everyone has a proper snack during the school day. The programme started up in July 2010 with an initial donation from friends of Shikshamitra. Since nutrition is very important for growing children, we hope to be able to continue this programme permanently.

The tiffin we provide is not a full meal, as school finishes by 2:00 pm and children go home for lunch. This is for the snack time at approximately 11:30 every day. So far, introduction of a tiffin by the school has been a real success, everyone sits together and it is a very sociable time to relax and enjoy each other. The children share and talk about what foods they like and dislike. The older children are helping the younger children – plenty to learn by all sharing a bite to eat together!

Some of the items served on our menu:
Bun & banana
Egg & Bread
Moori & Vegetables
Samosa & Sweet

Financing the Tiffin Programme:

Thanks to kind donations from Clare Iberson-John, Neil Haran and Susie McNaughton, Nicole Harding Ozturan, Jacinta Byrne and Kiely, we were able to get the tiffin programme underway and running up to October 2010.

Rs. 6-7 per student per day
Current student enrollment 25 students
Budget per day = Approx Rs. 150
Budget for one month of Tiffin Programme = Rs. 3000


Minki Basu said...

Have you collected funds to continue the Tiffin program after October 2010. If so, till when

shikshamitra blog said...

school reopens next week so i will check the status and get back to you. thank you so much for your interest.
subho bijoya!

Minki Basu said...

Yes, please do- i am trying to promote the projecy throgh baby steps and am getting some interest generated to fund the tiffin progam.
I am also interested to find out if you are planning to repeat the calendar program for 2011.


P.S. May I know your name

Tejal Rajyagor said...


Firstly, let me congratulate you on the amazing job that Shikshamitra is doing. I am interested in knowing how are you selecting the children who are studying. Also, have you arranged for donations for the tiffin program to be continued after October 2010.

Please share your contact details to discuss it over a phone.

- Tejal Rajyagor - 91 98670 52403