SHIKSHAMITRA is a process for learning to live better. It is a space where one

learns to keep well and to help others keep well too. Shikshamitra has an address.

However, it goes beyond this – permeating into the lives of many, influencing

one’s choices in life and ways of life. To be associated with Shikshamitra is to assume

the responsibility of trying to live better. It is a continuous attempt to search for

activities that inspire life and build trust, or, it is an attempt to keep away from

anything to the contrary. Shikshamitra is a means toward becoming aware of

how much one can be and knowing exactly what one’s limitations are.

January 13, 2011

Let School Begin with a Different Song

The theme of the 2011 SHIKSHAMITRA CALENDAR is Let school begin with a different song...

At Shikshamitra, we listen to a set of songs which might seem out of the ordinary as the morning prayer song. Appreciating these songs we create a unique world in Shikshamitra, where we think originally, draw, paint and write down however we are feeling. We have created this year's calendar as a tribute to the artists who inspire us every morning: Pratul Mukhopadhyay, Kabir Suman, Amar Pal and Anup Ghoshal. The children always sing along in their own style and often paint as they think about the songs. The artwork represents how these songs make us feel.

We hope you will enjoy the beautiful artwork and comments from the students.

Thanks for supporting our work to design education alternatives:
Calendars are Rs 85 each.
For those individuals and organizations who would like to help sell the calendar, we are offering a bulk rate of Rs 70 when 10 or more copies are purchased at one time.

Call us on 9830076919 (maura) or just stop in during regular working hours to buy your copy.

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